Star Harbor by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

 for Ilhan Sami Çomak
…labour to keep alive in your breast
that little celestial fire called conscience.  
 —George Washington
If only for tonight, follow me past the last
lilac that’s blooming in flames of silence.
Here, on the final block before the river,
the east wind comes seeking solace. 
We moan in chorus. The tea kettle joins in.
Tonight, I trip on blue stairs chasing Orion,
hunting for game in the cosmos.
The game lives inside us. The window 
never worries about becoming a widow.
Tonight, my candle channels your vision.

Bio (Source:

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is an artist, critic, eco-activist, 
impresario  and publisher, but is best known as a poet 
associated with New  Romanticism and the New York School. 
He received his MFA in Poetry from  Brooklyn College 
where he studied with Allen Ginsberg and also taught.  
He served on the Poetry Project Board of Directors 
at St. Mark’s Church  and also taught there. From 1987 
to 2000 he ran Cover Magazine, the Underground National.  
During this time he also served on the Board at 
Mason Gross School of  the Arts. 
He is the author of 17 books of verse, 
including most recently  Blue Lyre from Dos Madres Press, 
Radio Poems from The Operating System, 
and Fake Lies from Fell Swoop. 

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