A River Can’t Help But Run by Gabriel Don

 Magma is hot. Sand shifts.
 Volcanoes release. Peacocks deceive,
 Ladybugs too. The scorpion
 is simply a scorpion. The shark is 
 simply a shark. A star is 
 a star but gone long before 
 we see it. When I like to feel 
 grounded but the ground starts to move.
 Magma is fertile. Whales enjoy 
 the water. Humans are
 the virus here. 
 The birds are confused,
 saplings too. 
 The leaves brown 
 only to turn green again
 too soon.  

Gabriel Don received her MFA in creative writing at The New School, where she worked as the Reading Series and Chapbook Competition Coordinator. Her writing has appeared in publications such as The Brooklyn Rail, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Understanding Between Foxes and Light, A Minor, Westerly, Mascara Literary Review, Post-Paper, The Legendary, Transtierros (translated into Spanish), Gargoyle 62, LiveMag! 12, Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts, Stato Rec, The Seventh Wave and Three Rooms Press She currently teaches writing at BMCC.

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