Rain dream

Spring comes like a rain dream.
I awaited its coming, all at once I was soaked.
Everything was water, suddenly, everything green
and the beginning had long since begun.
For those who know it well, each day is spring,
each day is spring for those made out of poetry.
The youthfulness of May festooned on the trees
falls upon us like grains of pollen.
We become one with it, with our breathing.
We are spring, we are May, we are eternal.
Are you with us this spring?
With rain's dream and scent of flowers
You invite me to the arms of May.
I think of distant times; seasons like childhood,
like youth. My feet trip with the tone of eternity.
I'll come, of course! I know the very spring of Spring!
May brings me such thrilling gifts; the word's adolescence, 
radiance of single letters. And poetry takes me by the hand.
I know the bright beginning, and how to amass darkness.
I touch all the world's beauties with the sun's own fingertips; 
know well how to relish the pleasure of touch.
I will come to Spring. Wait for me!
Let's open May's gate as one, that rain may
make our dreams multiply.
I know the very spring of Spring! 

Stanza 1: Caroline Stockford, Bristol, May 2020
Stanza 2: İlhan Sami Çomak, Silivri Prison, İsanbul, July 2020

Translated by Caroline Stockford

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