Bell of a First Kiss

Light hits the seas within me.
The questions are immense.
It's like freshness is rising from fine climates
Like I'm gathering flowers, gathering
countless pleasures from touch.
Breeze is blowing from the future.
My breath corrals the excitement
Remind me of the law of the wave,
fluent and formidable.
Let life become new! Let hunger rise up,
from just-made bread and
the thought of poppies wet
by new rain grow clearer
Your lip is red with the taste of a first kiss
bring new fires with your body,
I'll wash myself anew.
The sea's law is made by its wave, it turns
back to wildness the green glass surface,
waves run far from origin, to abate
on the sand, they return, depleted.
We call to one another from our white
wooden boats, I look for you each time I
crest a ridge. You are there, and children
write your poems on the beach.
The bell of a first kiss is on my tongue, I
have forgotten everyone.
I've grown deaf in this world of war cries.
I need the sea and your dazzling.
With poems we fling a lasso at sky.
Suddenly I'm flying.
Yes, life becomes new.

Stanza 1: İlhan Sami Çomak, Silivri Prison, Istanbul, March 2020
Stanza 2: Caroline Stockford, Bristol, April 2020

Translated from Turkish by Caroline Stockford


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